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Satellite Television from Lebanon: A Preliminary Look at the Players

Abstract  Lebanon's Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) and Future TV satellite broadcasts are popular with Arab audiences. After unlicensed broadcasting proliferated during the 1974-1990 war, the Audio-Visual Law of 1994 regulated all broadcasting activities and sanctioned satellite broadcasting, which LBCI and Future began in 1996. The two stations appear to …

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CNE in Egypt: Some Light at the End of an Arduous Tunnel

During the 1990s, the Middle East has experienced an explosion of growth in new media services, especially those delivered by satellite. The Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC), Orbit, Arab Radio and Television (ART), Emirates Dubai TV, and Egypt's Spacenet have all become well-known entities in the region (Bulloch 1995). Most …

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Digital Platforms in the Middle East

The Middle East has no fewer than four competing digital television platforms fighting for viewer loyalty: ART/1st NET, Orbit, Star Select, and Gulf DTH/Showtime. Four years ago there was no subscription TV. The few direct-to-home (DTH) satellite channels were all free-to-air and offered little threat to the monopoly state-run national …

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Transnational Media and Regionalism

The Arab League's headquarters in Cairo lie just a few hundred meters away from the city's statue of Simon Bolivar. The two represent monuments to desires for regional autonomy and unity—desires that time has proved easier to conceptualize than to implement. Yet a half century after the founding of the …

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Alexander Zilo, President and CEO, Orbit

Rome, July 1998 TBS: There's been a lot of talk that Orbit is moving out of Rome. Is this true? Alexander Zilo: We are not moving out of Rome, we are focusing on decentralizing portions of our business, what we're calling the Arabization of Orbit. Over the last five years we've encountered …

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Sheikh Saleh Kamel, Chairman of the Board, ART

TBS: If you were able to start all over again, after your ventures into radio and television as a partner in the Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC), and your opening of specialty channels on Arab Radio and Television (ART), and seeking a satellite code for the region, and broadcasting a variety …

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