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Nilesat 101 Channels

Source: Dr. Hussein Amin, Member of the Higher Committee for Specialized Nilesat Networks, the Egyptian Radio and Television Union, Cairo, Egypt.

The biggest development in transnational broadcasting in the Arab world this year was the launch of Nilesat, not only Egypt's first national satellite but also the first satellite owned by a single Arab nation, on April 28, 1998. It was built in France by the Matra Marconi Space company and launched by the Ariane company using an Ariane 4 rocket, with a ground control station in 6th of October City, Cairo and backup station in Alexandria. The Nilesat project, at an estimated cost of US$158 million, is based on digital technology and carries 12 transponders, each capable of transmitting eight digital television channels, providing up to 96 television channels plus carrying up to 400 radio stations. Six transponders were reserved for use by the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), and regional networks ART and Showtime have each leased two transponders. The Nilesat footprint covers the entire Arab world and parts of Africa and Europe.

Egyptian Radio and Television:

  • Education
  • Education
  • Education
  • Education
  • Education
  • Education (languages)
  • Education (abolishing illiteracy)
  • University Education 1
  • University Education 2
  • University Education 3
  • Health 1
  • Local Channel 1 (national)
  • Local Channel 2 (national)
  • Local Channel 3 (Greater Cairo)
  • Local Channel 8 (Southern Egypt)
  • Egyptian Satellite Channel 1
  • Egyptian Satellite Channel 2
  • Nile TV International (English/French)
  • Nile Specialized Satellite Channels: Nile Drama Nile News Nile Family Nile Variety Nile Sports Nile Culture
  • Test channels


  • Movie Channel
  • Nickelodeon/Paramount
  • TV-Land
  • MTV
  • VH-1
  • Bloomberg
  • Style
  • Discovery
  • SET (Sony Entertainment Television)
  • Hallmark
  • On TV

Arab Radio and Television:

  • ART 1
  • ART 2
  • ART 3
  • ART 4
  • ART 5
  • Al-Ma'aref
  • 'Ala Keifak
  • ART Open
  • TNT
  • LBC
  • MBC
  • M-Net
  • Radio and Television Tunisia
  • TFC Phillipines


  • Iraqi TV
  • Omani TV
  • Bahraini TV
  • Palestinian Satellite Channel: The Palestinian Broadcasting Authority signed an agreement on Wednesday, August 12, 1998 with Nilesat for the lease of transponder space. Launch of the Palestinian Satellite Channel is scheduled for January 1, 1999, according to General Coordinator of Palestinian Public Communications Hisham Mikki.

About Hussein Amin

Hussein Amin is the director of the Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism and Professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the American University in Cairo.

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