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Egyptian president reiterates commitment not to remand journalists

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by Egyptian news agency MENA

Cairo, 9 November: Egyptian President Husni Mubarak asserted commitment to his promise not to remand journalists.

In statements to Editor-in-Chief of Al-Masa daily Khalid Imam, Mubarak said journalists, however, cannot be exempted from publication-related crimes, such as libel cases.

Egyptian President Husni Mubarak said if law was amended to exempt journalists from publication-related crimes, it would be unconstitutional, reported Al-Masa paper out Friday [9 November].

Mubarak urged journalists to choose the best to chair the Syndicate of Journalists in the 17 November elections.

Meanwhile, Mubarak hailed the very important recommendations issued by the ninth National Democratic [Party] general conference that wrapped up Tuesday.

The conference addressed several key national and citizenship issues.

Mubarak said raising salaries is not the only criteria for assessing development.

Development includes also inc! reasing the number of schools, hospitals, health units and building of bridges and roads.

The growing population, at an average of 1.3 million per year, absorbs most of reform and development revenues.

Meantime, Mubarak voiced hope that the Annapolis conference would contribute to realising peace between the Palestinian and the Israeli sides and pave the way for achieving comprehensive and just peace on all tracks in the entire region.

Source: MENA news agency, Cairo, in English 1106 gmt 9 Nov 07



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