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Egyptian president tours Media Production City

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by Egyptian news agency MENA

Cairo, 23 September: President Husni Mubarak on Sunday [23 September] toured the Sixth of October-based Media Production City (MPC) and the new projects being implemented on its premises of about 35m sq.m.

Earlier, also in this city, southwest of Cairo, he opened youth housing projects that comes in implementation of the president's electoral programme.

The MPC is a huge information and media complex, which, together with the Egyptian satellite "Nile Sat", allowed Egypt to step into the new world of the 21st century. It provides television and film production facilities that can support the information breakthrough. Construction of this national project started in 1992.

Source: MENA news agency, Cairo, in English 1350 gmt 23 Sep 07


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