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Jordan: USAID launches media training programme

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by privately-owned Jordan Times website on 8 February

Amman (JT): A group of senior media professionals will sharpen their skills as trainers and consultants at a special "training of trainers" course starting next week as part of USAID's Jordan Media Strengthening Programme.

The course, specifically tailored to the needs of local media organizations, aims to support a new generation of media experts, who can help build the technical and editorial skills of new and established media outlets in the country.

Three US and three Jordanian experts will deliver the course, according to a statement released by the organizers.

Media ethics, news standards, newsroom management, soft skills, in-house and on-the-job training for journalists feature high on the agenda of the workshop, which will be held in Aqaba.

The programme includes practical sessions during which participants will design and develop thematic workshops targeting TV, radio and print journalists.

"The aim is to enable good and talen! ted Jordanian journalists to transfer their knowledge and skills to their colleagues and spread best practices while encouraging higher professional standards across the newsrooms," said Samuel Compton, director of IREX-Jordan.

IREX -a nonprofit organization specialized in civil society, education and media development -is implementing the Jordan Media Strengthening Programme on behalf of USAID.

"The ultimate beneficiaries of our work are the Jordanian readers, listeners and viewers, who will eventually consume better quality news," Compton added.

The Jordan Media Strengthening Programme seeks to boost media sustainability and independence through training emerging and professional journalists, supporting media regulatory bodies, working on the legal environment governing the media sector, providing small grants to media NGOs, and supporting business development training for media outlets.

The programme, which relies on a 5m dollar budget over a thre! e-year period, has so far trained around 160 Jordanian journalists in more than 10 courses, provided in-house consultancies to a variety of media outlets, established a state-of-the art newspaper lab at Yarmouk University, awarded six grants for media development projects being implemented by local organizations, trained lawyers and judges on media law issues, offered scholarships and internships to institutions in Europe and America and assisted the work of key official organizations governing the media sector in Jordan.

Source: Jordan Times website, Amman, in English 8 Feb 08



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