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Lebanese army detains Al-Arabiya TV correspondent in camp

BBC Monitoring

Al-Arabiya Television at 1015 gmt on 6 June carries the following "Breaking News" screen caption:

    "The Lebanese Army holds Wa'il Isam, Al-Arabiya correspondent in Nahr al-Barid."

    Between 0804 and 0816 gmt on 7 June, Al-Arabiya Television was observed to carry a live dispatch by its correspondent in Nahr al-Barid camp, Wa'il Isam, in which he reports on a fresh attack by the Lebanese Army Airborne Division to flush out Fatah al-Islam fighters. Isam was observed among the Lebanese troops, who were occupying a high building, and shooting at Fatah al-Islam fighters, using a videophone to picture the Lebanese troops in action.

    Source: Al-Arabiya TV, Dubai, in Arabic 1015 gmt 6 Jun 07


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