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Palestinian agency resumes coverage after board member released

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Ma'an News Agency in Arabic was observed to have resumed regular coverage at 1324 gmt on 9 November. At 2315 gmt, Ma'an in Arabic carries an item entitled "Mu'taz Al-Kurdi, Member of Board of Ma'an Network, Director of Al-Amal Television Channel, Released."

The text of the item reads: "Thanks to many efforts exerted by the Palestinian journalists union in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and numerous political figures and security officers, Mu'taz al-Kurdi, member of the board of Ma'an Network, and director of Al-Amal television channel, has eventually been released.

"Ma'an Network, and its news agency and television and radio partners, seize this opportunity to express their deep gratitude to all of those who helped bringing this affair to an end, most notably the office of His Excellency President Mahmud Abbas; the honourable ministers and Ministries of Information and Interior; the fraternal commanders of the security apparatuses, most notably Briga! dier General Kamal al-Shaykh, commander of the Palestinian Police; the fraternal members of the Palestinian Legislative Council; the Palestinian factions and journalists, particularly the journalists union, and all of those not mentioned here, who have contributed to closing this case.

"We guarantee our people and leaders, particularly His Excellency President Mahmud Abbas, that we shall always remain loyal to Palestine and issues concerning our people's destiny and concerns, and that we will continue to respect the law and the freedom of opinion and expression, protect human rights and freedoms, and serve as the world's window into Palestine."

Source: Ma'an News Agency website, Bethlehem, in Arabic 1324 gmt 9 Nov 07



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