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Palestinian TV praises Fatah in coverage of Gaza clashes

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At 0328 gmt, Gaza Palestine Satellite Channel in Arabic interrupts its regular broadcasting to announce that Hamas militants are "at this time" storming the house of General Rashid Abu-Shibak, Palestinian Internal Security director, at Tall al-Hawa. The anchorman entitles the incident "a flagrant and clear breach of the agreement that was reached a few hours ago" to the effect of ending the inter-Palestinian clashes. He adds that a number of Palestinians have been killed and injured in the incident, and says that the Palestinian security headquarters and "all Palestinian security posts" have now come under attack. At 0334 the station conducts a telephone interview with its correspondent in Gaza, Adil al-Za'nun, who notes that said attacks began at approximately 0200 gmt, adding that the clashes are still ongoing.

    The station suspends its regular broadcasting and moves to continuous coverage of the events in Gaza.

    At 0400, the station posts the following "breaking news" banner: "Four of General Rashid Abu-Shibak's bodyguards have been executed, others injured."

    At 0410, the anchor says: "We tell all the killers and criminals: You will not escape the Palestinian people's justice. You will not escape the Palestinian people's justice. Our Palestinian people will reach all of these criminals, murderers and traitors who are openly carrying out acts of terrorism before our Palestinian people. Fatah's sons have never called for anything but unity, and they are still calling for that. This is why at this time we say: Yes to national unity, no to bloodshed. But the killers and criminals should know that they will not escape the justice of their Palestinian people, and primarily God's justice." The anchor says that the killers of Abu-Shibak's bodyguards "are blood-thirsty and murder-thirsty" people.

    At 0420, the station holds a second telephone interview with Adil al-Za'nun, who reports that in the wake of the attack on Abu-Shibak's house, his wife and children were swiftly taken to another location, namely into the house of one of the neighbours.

    At 0425, the station conducts a telephone interview with Deputy Prime Minister Azzam al-Ahmad. He says that "there is no doubt that there is a group of killers and traitors that do not want the Palestinian people and Gaza to enjoy stability." He adds that "I believe that there is no other option but put a final end to these groups, which do not want national unity to last, and do not want the Mecca agreement." He stresses that "all parties" must fight these groups, which endanger the future of the Palestinian cause."

    At 0444, the station begins airing extensive live footage of the four slain bodyguards' bodies, including gruesome images and close-ups of their bullet injuries.

    (Gaza TV, 16 May)

    At 0450, the station conducts a telephone interview with Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades spokesman, Abu-Qusay, who calls on Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haniyah to resign. He says that Haniyah must be put on trial following this morning's incidents. Addressing Fatah's deputies and ministers, Abu-Qusay stresses that "the national unity government is a real lie" and therefore the ministers must tender their resignation immediately. Abu-Qusay calls on President Mahmud Abbas to "declare a state of emergency."

    At 0505, the station posts the following banner: "Palestine TV ceases its broadcast for one moment of silence and mourning in protest against the ongoing killings in Gaza."

    At 0555, the station posts the following "breaking news" banner: "Clashes are ongoing around the Preventive Security headquarters in Tall al-Hawa, west of the city of Gaza."

    At 0620, the station resumes its regular broadcasting, dedicated to the 59th anniversary of Al-Nakbah ["the catastrophe" - reference to the events that befell the Palestinians in 1948].

    Source: Palestinian Satellite Channel TV, Gaza, in Arabic 16 May 07



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