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Afghan daily says law on media influenced by foreign circles

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Text of editorial in Pashto entitled "Law on media; why national interests are ignored?" published by pro-government Afghan newspaper Weesa on 2 October

The joint commission of both houses of parliament is discussing the law on media and reports from some sources indicate that due to foreign pressures and a number of other reasons, this law will be approved based on the choices of foreigners.

Unfortunately, foreign circles influenced the law on the media in the relevant committee of the Lower House where slogans of patriotism and Islam were chanted. They want a system in our country which can fulfil their personal desires and needs rather than the requirements, demands and values of our people. Our nation and country are practically facing a crisis today. Unfortunately, such laws are ratified which further deteriorate the present crisis, spread violence and widen the gap between the government and people. The law on the media is an example of this. Let's not comment on this.

Another problem is that laws are made based on the personal choices of individuals and the spirit of factional and regional diffe! rences and hatred. What good expectation can the Afghan people have of such a law which either supports the demands of foreigners or in which the spirit of hostility with individuals plays a decisive role? Can a law approved based on such norms and factors safeguard supreme national interests and the dignity, identity and demands of our nation?

The Upper House introduced amendments to the law on the media to a great extent in line with the national spirit and in light of the present circumstances in Afghanistan. However, now some sources are quoted as saying that the choices of some specific foreign circles are taken into consideration. Accepting the choices of foreigners will weaken our nation. Now it is up to the president to thoroughly consider all articles of the law on the media before approving it. He should take steps that can safeguard and maintain the historic identity and status of our country, given the present situation. We hope the president will properly fulfil his heavy duty in this regard.

Source: Weesa, Kabul, in Pashto 2 Oct 07



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