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Al-Jazeera Channel producer arrested in Egypt

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Egyptian opposition Wafd Party daily newspaper Al-Wafd on 29 January

A task force dispatched by the Imbaba police station arrested yesterday, at dawn, Al-Jazeera Channel producer Huwayda Taha. It was her second arrest. Taha was arrested along with three crew members while shooting a new documentary: In the Shadows. The documentary covers the suffering of porters, peasants and marginalized people in the village of Nikla.

The crew was surprised when a police task force arrested them along with Hamdi Ma'bad, an activist of Al-Ard [Earth] Centre for Human Rights, who was accompanying them.

Police transported them to Imbaba police station where a warrant was issued, despite their having obtained filming authorization from the censorship committee.

Source: Al-Wafd, Cairo, in Arabic 29 Jan 08 p 1



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