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Iraqi Kurdish article criticizes arrest of media figures

BBC Monitoring Text of article by Awat Ali entitled: "Mr Fatihi and Mr Ferhadi"; published by independent Iraqi Kurdish newspaper Hawlati on 23 September The incident of the arrest of Mr Fatihi [Tariq Fatih], Hawlati newspaper's concessionaire, at Hawlati headquarters, and the incident of the arrest of Mr Ferhadi at …

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Egyptian president tours Media Production City

BBC Monitoring Text of report in English by Egyptian news agency MENA Cairo, 23 September: President Husni Mubarak on Sunday [23 September] toured the Sixth of October-based Media Production City (MPC) and the new projects being implemented on its premises of about 35m sq.m. Earlier, also in this city, southwest …

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Iraqi satellite TV under

BBC Monitoring Text of report by London-based, Saudi-owned Elaph website on 16 September [Report by Khudayr Tahir: "Did the Iraqi Satellite Channel spy on Abu-Rishah?"] The Iraqi Satellite [Al-Fada'iyah al-Iraqiyah] is the official state-run television station. It is currently under the hegemony of pro-Iranian militias that have transformed it into …

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Tunisia: First Islamic radio station launches – Al-Jazeera

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Qatari Al-Jazeera satellite TV on 18 September In a statement on the Internet, banned Tunisian Islamic Ennahdha Movement has congratulated President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's son-in-law, Mohamed al-Matiri, on establishing the first religious radio station in the country. The movement, headed by Rached …

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Al-Jazeera TV alleges US, Israeli

BBC Monitoring ["Behind the News" talk show, presented by Ali al-Zufayri, discusses US-Israeli media campaign accusing Syria of receiving nuclear assistance from North Korea.] Doha Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel Television in Arabic at 1832 gmt on 15 September carries a new, live 25-minute episode of its "Behind the News" political talk …

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Al-Jazeera TV opens media training centre in Syria

BBC Monitoring Text of report by Quds Press web news agency [Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel Opens Media Training Centre Branch in Syria in Preparation for Possible Expansion" - Quds Press headline] Damascus, Quds Press - Syrian media sources have told Quds Press that the Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel has opened a branch …

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