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Kuwaiti emir comments on media, Iraq stability, Iran nuclear issue

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Text of report in English by Kuwaiti news agency Kuna website

["Kuwait"s Emir Urges Journalists To Refrain From Instigation" - KUNA Headline]

Kuwait - His Highness Shaykh Sabah urged the chief editors of the local newspapers to refrain from publishing articles or reports that might negatively affect the image of Kuwait and its relations with brotherly and friendly states.

He affirmed that inaccurate and unfounded items must not be published, noting role of the local media in supporting the democratic system and the national development process.

His Highness the Amir, during the meeting that was attended by the director of his bureau, Ahmad Fahad al-Fahad, and the head of Emiri protocol, Shaykh Khalid al-Abdallah al-Sabah al-Nasir al-Sabah, congratulated the Kuwaiti natives and residents on the fasting month of Ramadan, praised issuance of new newspapers in the country, hoping that they would contribute in promoting Kuwait.

On Iraq, Shaykh Sabah expressed hope that the people of the neighbouring country! would experience stability, security and prosperity, for "the stability of Iraq is essential for stability of all countries in the region.

"We affirm the necessity that all states respect the territorial sanctity and sovereignty and independence of Iraq and maintaining its Arab and Islamic identity."

"As to the crisis of the Iranian nuclear file, while we note the necessity of reaching a peaceful solution to this file, we urge the Iranian officials to cooperate fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency." HH the Emir also called for clearing "the region and the Middle east of weapons of mass destruction," and affirmed the right of the states of the region for acquiring expertise of the nuclear energy for usage for peaceful purposes, within the framework of relevant international treaties.

Source: Kuna news agency website, Kuwait, in English 1156 gmt 19 Sep 07



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