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Matthew Crippen

Matthew Crippen’s research primarily examines intersections between American philosophy, phenomenology and art with an eye to contributing to cognitive science.  His publications discuss mind, and also media, politics, Wittgenstein, Frankfurt School, Dewey, James, Thoreau, Nietzsche, history of science, aesthetics, religious faith, freewill and more. While diverse, his work unites around “ecological” approaches that place objects of investigation in world-contexts. Matthew has been pleased to teach an international population of students first at York University in Toronto, Canada, and now at the American University in Cairo. Outside of the academy, he has worked as a musician, mandolin and guitar teacher and gymnastics coach.

Asleep at the Press: Thoreau, the Nuances of Democracy and Egyptian Revolt

Through the lens of Thoreau’s conception of democracy Matthew Crippen investigates the international media’s framing of Mohamed Morsi’s overthrow in the summer of 2013. He questions why much of the Western media and Al Jazeera adopted the uniform narrative that the ouster was a coup and a travesty of democracy, despite its popular support. Without adjudicating whether or not the overthrow was anti-democratic, Crippen posits that the reasoning undergirding the dominant opinion among media pundits that it was remains questionable.

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