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Egypt: Correspondent in Gaza says siege of media offices lifted

BBC Monitoring

Excerpt from live phone interview on Channel 1 TV with Egyptian TV correspondent in Gaza City to comment on the siege of the building which houses media offices in Gaza, broadcast on 16 May

    [Presenter] Shuhdi al-Kashif [Egyptian TV correspondent in Gaza] joins us now from inside the headquarters of the media offices in Gaza. Shuhdi; describe the current situation.

    [Shuhdi] Yes Sahar, Thank God, only a short while ago the gunfire stopped after prominent figures from Hamas and Fatah movements and also from the Egyptian security delegation had intervened.

    The siege which was imposed on the Al-Shawwa and Husari building at Al-Wihdah Street, in central Gaza City, and exactly on the media offices, was lifted. I am now at the main street which leads to the place [scene of the incident] and there is severe damage to the vehicles of the press here in front of the building.

    For sure, there are still gunmen at the end of the streets but there are no clashes at least for the time being. However, sporadic gunfire is heard every now and then. We tried to make a tour but it seems that the [security] barriers are still closed and there are true and serious attempts to lift the siege imposed on the streets and the main roads.

    [Presenter] So Shuhdi, the truce has not yet started on the ground as long as you say that sporadic gunfire is still heard?

    [Shuhdi] Yes Sahar; This is just the beginning of this initiative which has been put forward and agreed on by the two sides from Hamas and Fatah movements. Everyone here is keen on giving a chance for the parties to consolidate this [ceasefire] agreement. But, as for now we are trying to know how far this agreement is holding. [Passage omitted: The correspondent says that he will try to get home to see his family]

    Source: Channel 1 TV, Cairo, in Arabic 1800 gmt 16 May 07



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