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First medical radio station to be opened in Sudan

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Sudanese Islamist opposition newspaper Akhir Lahzah website on 21 August

Trial broadcasts for the first radio station in Sudanese history specializing in medical affairs, Al-Sihhah Wal-Hayat FM [health and well being], are due to begin within the next few days. The station's slogan will be "Al-Sihhah Wal-Hayat at the service of the Sudanese citizen." The chairman of the board of directors of the new radio station will be Dr Muhammad Abdin al-Amin and the general manager will be the prominent broadcaster Zu-al-Nun Bushra.

The station's programmes will include different aspects of life such as medical programmes, preventive medicine, psychiatry, environmental health, immunization services, medical education, religious programmes related to health, alternative medicine, medicine and culture, health awareness, endemic diseases in Sudan, nutrition, maternal and child health issues, trade activities and norms and traditions related to it, veterinary medicine, and medical consultations for callers.

All of the station's programmes w! ill be supervised by specialist doctors in Sudan and abroad. The station will further provide entertainment programmes, music, youth programmes, sports news, news bulletins, information and modern medical discovery programmes. A group of well-known broadcasters, programme makers, technicians and producers are due to be employed by the station which will be based on Al-Mazad Street in Khartoum Bahri. The station is expected to start broadcasting in Ramadan [next month].

Source: Akhir Lahzah website, Khartoum, in Arabic 21 Aug 07


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