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Hamas site warns of Fatah campaign against Al-Aqsa TV

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Text of report by Palestinian Filastin al-An website on 28 August

[Unattributed Report: "Fatah coupists urge against cartoon film and prepare for sabotage acts"]

Gaza-Filastin al-An Fatah coupists called for a provocative campaign against Al-Aqsa Satellite Television belonging to the Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas because of the show broadcasted on this Television, which aimed to educate children and clarify facts to them regarding the incidents that took place during the recent past in Gaza Strip.

This campaign comes after Al-Aqsa Satellite Television broadcast a cartoon clarifying the fact of what had happened in Gaza Strip. The film displayed a group of mice, which represented the security apparatuses and the defeated coupist current, stealing and carrying out acts of destruction. The lion, which represents the Hamas movement, was patient with these mice but finally it found that it had to purify Gaza from the mice so as to maintain security and stop violations of property and public freedoms.

The! Zionist Television had earlier carried out a similar campaign against a show "Future Pioneers" which is also broadcast on Al-Aqsa Satellite Television every Friday evening and aims at educating children and building their self-confidence but the campaign failed.

On the other side, Palestinian sources warned that some Fatah affiliated elements would carry out certain acts of sabotage in coming days with the opening of the new school year.

Sources reported that these elements are planning to carry out demonstrations and marches to shake security and stability in Gaza city with the pretext of praying in the Square of the Unknown Soldier in the centre of the city, similar to what happened last Friday in Al-Saraya Mosque, where the worshippers were assaulted with stones and glass bottles and provoked riots in public places as well.

According to sources, it is expected that such acts will take place on the eve of the new school year so as to disrupt the educati! onal process after Isma'il Haniyah - Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Unity government - announced that they have completed preparations for the new school year.

Also according to sources, a plan is being prepared by the supporters of the coupist current and saboteurs to carry out a sabotage march next Friday, which will set out from the Brigade Mosque and the Unknown Soldier Square towards the university's periphery and some public institutions.

Source: Filastin Al-An website, in Arabic 28 Aug 07



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