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Iran Revolution Guards launch website

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by semi-official Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) website

Tehran: The Public Relations Office of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps [IRGC] has announced the launching of Sepah News website.

In an official statement, the Public Relations and Publications Office of the IRGC has announced the official launching of ref HYPERLINK "http://www.sepahnews.com" www.sepahnews.com.

Part of the statement reads: Today, the use of new information and telecommunication technologies is of great importance and significance in public relations, to the extent that the virtual and electronic world of internet has made the ideals of public relations possible. It has managed to remove what we previously knew as obstacles, such as time, location and distance.

Therefore, based on its duty of having powerful, influencing, active and permanent presence in the multimedia, dynamic and online world, the Public Relations of the IRGC has launched the news website of ref HYPERLINK "http://www.sepahnews.com" www.sepahnews.com.

T! he statement adds: All the media or those who are interested to read about the IRGC latest news can visit the website.

It concludes: Sepah News is not only an internet news website; it is also the official website of the IRGC Public Relations Office.

Source: ISNA website, Tehran, in Persian 1423 gmt 16 Dec 07



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