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Iran summons Danish Ambassador over

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by Iranian official government news agency IRNA website

Tehran, 13 Feb: Following repetition of publication of insults against Holy Prophet (PBUH) Danish Ambassador to Tehran was summoned to IRI foreign Ministry on Wednesday evening.

According to Foreign Ministry Media Department, Soren Husland was informed of Iran's serious concern about the re-publication of an insulting caricature about Prophet Muhammad in a Danish daily.

Head of the Foreign Ministry's Central and Northern Europe Affairs, Hassan Baqeri during the meeting with the Danish Ambassador, while condemning the blasphemous act, asked for serious moves made by the Danish officials against such insults against the beliefs of over 1.5 billion world Muslims, and efforts aimed at avoiding their further repetition.

Baqeri added, "Sanctities and values of the entire faiths need to be respected and it is not acceptable to insult them and remain silent on excuse of safeguarding the freedom of speech."

He added, "Justifying such blasphemous ! acts that are against the foundations of humanity and the basics of democracy is totally unacceptable."

The Danish Ambassador, too, expressing regret over the repetition of the act that can intrigue the religious feelings of the World Muslims, said that he would reflect Iran's serious concern to his affiliated government.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency website, Tehran, in English 1956 gmt 13 Feb 08


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