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Israeli forces close local radio station in northern West Bank

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by Palestinian Ma'an News Agency website

    Qalqilya - Ma'an: Israeli forces invaded the northern West Bank city of Qalqilya on Tuesday [22 May] and forcibly closed down a local radio station, confiscating the station's computers and sound mixers. No arrests have been reported.

    The director of the targeted Al-Huda radio station, Khalil Khadir, reported that the Israeli forces broke into the station at 2.30 a.m., leaving a military warrant explaining in Hebrew that the station had been closed until further notice.

    Khadir explained that the radio station is a local Palestinian station which belongs to the Koran and Sunna Association, and that it has been licensed and was transmitting on 98.6 [MHz] FM.

    In the same regard, the Israeli forces broke into the Koran and Sunna Association's library and internet centre, confiscating all its contents. The Israeli troops also broke into Qalqilya Rehabilitation Association and took all the computers and files of the association.

    The chair of the Qalqilya Rehabilitation Association, Jamal Dawud, told Ma'an via telephone that his association is a charitable humanitarian society which has nothing to do with politics or factional affiliations. He also explained that the confiscated computers and files contain statistical information about the association's members and the services which the association provides, such as providing artificial limbs and running a girls' dormitory.

    Source: Ma'an News Agency website, Bethlehem, in English 1425 gmt 22 May 07



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