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Jordan’s king reiterates no press restrictions – spokesman

BBC Monitoring

text of report in English by Jordanian news agency Petra-JNA website

["Judeh: King Abdullah Affirmed That There Will Be No Restrictions on Press Freedom" - Petra News Agency Headline]

Amman, Oct. 7 (Petra)- Government spokesman Nasir Judah said that His Majesty King Abdallah II reiterated more than once that there will be no restrictions on press freedom.

Speaking at an iftar banquet, he hosted in cooperation with the Jordan Information Centre, for local, Arab and international media, Judeh said Jordan is an oasis for security and stability that has offered journalists a broader area of press freedom and acceptance of opinion and counter-opinion.

Journalists and media personnel, he said, have the duty of honestly mirroring issues of the homeland while showing commitment to the press code of honour and ethics of the profession.

Source: Petra-JNA website, Amman, in English 1229 gmt 7 Oct 07



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