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Pakistan: Police holding head of planned Baloch TV channel for questioning

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Pakistani newspaper Daily Times website on 17 September

Quetta: Police sources confirmed here on Friday [14 September] the handover of Munir Mengal, managing director of Baloch Voice TV, to the Crimes Investigation Department despite the Balochistan High Court had ordered his immediate release. The sources told Daily Times that the CID had held Mengal for five more days because he was still wanted by a "joint investigation team" for further investigation. "He has yet to be questioned about a speech he made at Ayub Stadium in Quetta some time ago as part of a campaign to launch his TV channel," said a high-ranking police officer. Police want to trace three to five more people, believing them to be the main financers of Mengal's yet-to-be-launched TV channel, the officer said. "The CID will also inquire Mengal about the trips he made to the UAE to raise funds for the TV channel," the source said. The Balochistan High Court had directed the government on Wednesday to release Mengal as no charges had been substantiated against him! . staff report

Source: Daily Times website, Lahore, in English 17 Sep 07


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