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Palestinian Hamas TV shows

BBC Monitoring

At 1400 gmt on 1 February, the Gaza-based, Hamas-run Al-Aqsa Satellite Television in Arabic broadcasts a special episode of its weekly "Pioneers of Tomorrow" children's programme that features the make-belief death of the show's main character, a large bee-like figure called Nahhul, who according to the show's host, a young girl called Sarraa, died of an illness after being denied treatment abroad by Israel.

After announcing Nahhul's "martyrdom," Sarraa tells the viewers that his final moments were caught on camera. The channel then runs a clip showing Nahhul on his deathbed, surrounded by his family members and his doctor, with gloomy music playing in the background.

Nahhul then launches into a soliloquy on the difficult condition of Palestinian children under Israel's "siege," calling on the world and the Arab and Islamic nations to "have mercy." He dies shortly thereafter.

After Nahhul's death, the show's host announces: "He wanted to live and ! he loved life, just like all other children in the world." She continues: "O Nahhul, today we say to you: continue down your path. We, the Pioneers of Tomorrow's soldiers, will follow in your footsteps along that same path God willing, and we shall liberate the homeland o Nahhul."

Source: Al-Aqsa Satellite TV, Gaza, in Arabic 1400 gmt 1 Feb 08



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