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Sudanese journalists boycott ministry of justice statement to parliament

BBC Monitoring

Text of report by Sudanese independent newspaper Al-Ayyam on 22 May

    All parliamentary reporters yesterday boycotted the statement presented to parliament by the Ministry of Justice in protest against the use of clause 130 against newspapers.

    In a statement presented to the Speaker of parliament and the head of the parliamentary information committee, the reporters denounced the suspension of newspapers according to clause 130 of the criminal procedures law, and demanded that parliament take on its role of protecting newspapers and journalists and issue a firm order to stop the use of the clause against newspapers.

    The reporters further described the clause as being in breach of the transitional constitution and of violating the freedoms of expression and publication. They pointed out that the clause had resulted in the silencing of opinions and the displacement of employees and journalists, and had caused severe physical and mental damages.

    "The use of the clause against newspapers reflects a grave and negative image which casts doubts on where the country is heading and its sincerity about establishing peace and freedoms," the statement said.

    Source: Al-Ayyam, Khartoum, in Arabic 22 May 07



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