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Syrian information minister highlights importance of media

BBC Monitoring

Text of report in English by Syrian News Agency SANA website

Damascus, 8 December: Minister of Information Muhsin Bilal affirmed on Saturday [8 December] in a lecture at the National Defence Academy that Syria's national and patriotic stances stand in the face of projects and plans hatched against the Arab world and the region in general.

Bilal stated that media plays an important role in war and peace and in developing the culture of societies and individuals, and that it requires delicate, objective and honest treatment in order to achieve its goals.

The minister noted to the obstacles facing Arab media, stressing that more work is needed for the Arab media to become effective in the international domain and public opinion and defend Arab just causes and rights that are supported by international laws and conventions.

He also pointed out to the importance of credibility and clarity in media and that it handles issues with realism, stating that all efforts are being made to develop the media to suit curren! t events.

Bilal concluded by stating that Arab media coordination is achieved through the Arab Ministers of Information Council and the constant technical coordination among Arab media organization.

Source: SANA news agency website, Damascus in English 8 Dec 07



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