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Interview with First Lieutenant Josh Rushing

This interview with First Lieutenant Josh Rushing (U.S. Marines), a spokesman and Public Information Officer at Coalition Central Command (Centcom), was conducted by telephone on April 8,2002 and incorporates elements of an earlier interview conducted in person by TBS chief editor Schleifer, who traveled to the Gulf (Doha, Dubai, and …

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Salah Negm, Head of MBC News

Salah Negm, Head of MBC News, is a key player in the transformation of MBC into a satellite platform in which one of the key components, as CEO Ali Al-Hedeithy revealed in his interview, will be Al-Arabiya, an all-news channel in which the owners of MBC participate with other investors and …

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Ali Al-Hedeithy, Director General of MBC

  From TBS's point of view Ali Al-Hedeithy is not only the CEO who managed an incredible move from London to Dubai and, while still in England, brought down MBC's costs while signing off on "Who Wants to Win a Million," the most popular show in the Arab world. He …

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Ambassador Chris Ross

    Chris Ross, Special Coordinator for Public Diplomacy, has held a succession of important posts at the State Department, including Coordinator for Counterterrorism (1998), Ambassador to Syria (1991-98), and Ambassador to Algeria (1988-91). Sarah J. Sullivan spoke to Ambassador Ross in Washington DC about the US government's attempts to send …

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Covering Al-Qa’ida, Covering Saddam

A dialogue between Al Jazeera London bureau chief Yosri Fouda and TBS Publisher and Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer. SAS: Your special report " Top Secret: The Road to September 11th" broadcast in two installments last September by Al Jazeera contains the most detailed and undisputed confirmation by Al-Qa'ida leaders Khalid …

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Eason Jordan, CNN Chief News Executive

Eason Jordan, chief news executive and newsgathering president for the CNN News Group, talked to TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan about covering Afghanistan, the Middle East, and other hot spots; whether US audiences are talking more of an interest in world news in the wake of September 11; and how …

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