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El Mustapha Lahlali

Dr. El Mustapha Lahlali is Associate Professor at the University of Leeds. His research interest is on Discourse Analysis, Arab Media and Society and Classroom Interaction. Some of his publications include Advanced English-Arabic Translation: A Practical Guide. Publisher: Edinburgh University Press, 2014 (co-authored). Contemporary Arab Broadcast Media. Publisher: Edinburgh University Press, 2011. Ibn al-Tayyib: the Forgotten Journey of an 18 Century Arab Traveller. Publisher: I.B. Tauris, 2010 (co-authored). How to Write in Arabic. Publisher: Edinburgh University Press, 2009. Advanced Media Arabic. Publisher: Edinburgh University Press, 2008. Critical Discourse Analysis and Classroom Discursive Practices. Lincom Europa, 2007.

The Discourse of Egyptian Slogans: from ‘Long Live Sir’ to ‘Down with the Dictator’

El Mustapha Lahlali investigates the power of political slogans in Egypt. By revisiting the discourse of early 2011 and surgically analyzing the linguistic content of a wide array of slogans, Lahlali offers new insight into the political, social and religious undercurrents that reverberated through the country during this time. Lahlali points to a period characterized by the democratization of discourse, which he argues, disappeared as rapidly as it emerged.

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