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إشكاليات وتحديات التناول الإعلامي للشأن الصحي في العالم العربي

مقدمة مع تعرض المجتمعات على اختلاف مستويات تقدمها أو تأخرها، لموجات من الأمراض المزمنة والأوبئة، تثار إشكالية التناول الإعلامي المتخصص للشأن الصحي والطبي في عالمنا العربي، وما يتعلق به من أمراض وإصابات وعدوى وتشخيص ومواجهة وعلاج، وتثير تلك الإشكالية الكثير من التساؤلات الجديرة بالبحث وصولًا إلى الدور الفعال للإعلام في تناول …

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“I’ll See You on Zoom!” International Educators’ Perceptions of Online Teaching Amid, and Beyond, Covid-19

Abstract When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world in 2020, it affected every aspect of life, including education. The spread of this pandemic compelled the world to shift from traditional classroom education to online learning. This exploratory qualitative research study investigates the critical and timely topic of the sudden transition …

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Daesh and the Power of Media and Message

Abstract This paper, as a part of an on-going research project, examines Daesh's media (2014-2017) and seeks to provide a deeper understanding of how Daesh spreads its messages. It focuses on the importance of media as one of the main factors behind Daesh’s power. It also demonstrates that in order …

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From Peers to Professionals: Regulating Influencer Marketing in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction In their work on the regulation of social media influencers, Catalina Goanta and Sofia Ranchordás noted that the topic’s complexities involve, among other things, rethinking “the distinction between peers and professionals” (2019, 14). The United Arab Emirates in 2018 addressed this issue by essentially professionalizing what had previously often …

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