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آيا صوفيا: قراءة وتحليل للحجاج الإعلامي والديني

Scroll down for English abstract. قررت المحكمة الإدارية العليا التركية يوم 10 من تموز/يوليو 2020 تحويلَ متحف "آيا صوفيا" إلى مسجد اعتبارا من يوم 24 من الشهر ذاته، فاشتد الجدل إعلاميا بين التأييد والمعارضة؛ علما بأن المعارضة لم تقتصر على غير المسلمين، بل أعرب مسلمون كُثر– أفرادا ومؤسسات– عن رفضهم …

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واقع وتحديات الصحافة العلمية فى العالم العربي

Scroll down for English abstract. تمهيد تتناول هذه الورقة البحثية واقع الصحافة العلمية فى العالم العربى والتحديات التى تواجهها فى ظل التطور التكنولوجى السريع والحاجة للحاق بمستجدات الثورة الرقمية والوصول للجمهور بشكل فعال يعتمد على الحرفية والمصداقية وتبسيط المعلومة فى سبيل نشر الثقافة العلمية.ي ورغم مواجهتها صعاب كثيرة لإثبات أهميتها …

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Tech, Time, and Jihad

On December 28th, 2015, when the Iraqi army felt confident enough of the military situation around Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, it invited the world’s media to witness the raising of the national flag atop a central administration building. For the Iraqi government, the ejection of ISIS jihadists from …

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Building Narratives: A Study of Terrorism Framing by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya TV Networks

Using framing theory and content analysis, Saeed Abdullah & Mokhtar Elareshi investigate how Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya TV networks cover terrorism. This paper focuses on how the two networks differ or are similar in covering terrorism and identifies factors that may influence each network’s news selection processes and the framing of terrorism stories. This work represents an initial effort to expand research on terrorism coverage by pan-Arab media.

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Media Law in Egypt and the Universal Principles of Freedom of Expression

In an effort to elucidate the legal structures governing the media in Egypt, as well as the country's declared obligations according to international law, Mostafa Shaat offers a breakdown of the existing frameworks, highlighting inconsistencies between the legal concept of freedom of the press as delineated in international law and Egypt's national laws. He further discusses some of the current reform efforts underway.

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Media Privatization and the Fate of Social Democracy in Egypt

Nour Halabi asks why the social democratic aims of the January 2011 Revolution have not been advanced in the four years since. Halabi posits that private media ownership structures established during Mubarak's neoliberal economic reform initiative are largely to blame, arguing that despite the popular demands for social justice, the structure of Egyptian commercialized media inhibited the translation of social justice demands into discussions of economic policy.

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