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Humphrey Davies

Humphrey Davies is TBS managing editor.

CNBC Pakistan to Launch May 2005

Zafar Siddiqi, CEO of CNBC's Arab-world franchise CNBC Arabiya, has announced the impending launch of CNBC Pakistan, with headquarters in Karachi. With a team working currently out of Dubai and another in Pakistan, the new channel is in the last stage of negotiations for its license and the senior team …

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CNBC Arabiya – the Debut

Of all the many shiny and twinkly things in today's Dubai, CNBC Arabiya, the ingénue on the Gulf's satellite stage, may be the shiniest and most twinkly. After only ten weeks of full-time operation (CNBC Arabiya went on air officially on July 27, 2003), the channel believes that it has …

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Credo of a Crouching Couch Potato

Sunday, March 23, 2003 Watching BBC and Al Jazeera (9-10.30 approx.) Both running live coverage of operations in Umm Qasr. BBC correspondent is "on a raised platform" with the officer (US marines) directing the operation and a cameraman (who has to duck every now and then - it is implied …

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