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Imed Ben Labidi

Imed Ben Labidi is an assistant professor in the department of Media and Cultural Studies at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. His Ph.D. is in Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society from the University of Minnesota with a focus on media and Arab representation.

ISIS’s Euro-American Fighters: Western Failures and the Narratives of Denial

This article centers on the influx of Western fighters joining ISIS and locates its root causes in systemic and structural forms of alienation, discrimination, and Islamophobia. In Western discourse, understanding this phenomenon is characterized by a sense of denial that limits the interpretive paradigms to one of two approaches: either a racial discourse that confines the debate to antagonistic minoritized citizens with ambiguous loyalties and an inherent vulnerability for radicalism, or the powerful “glamour” of ISIS’s propagandist spectacles that western media cannot dispel.

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