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Nashwa Elyamany

Nashwa Elyamany is an assistant professor of linguistics at the College of Language and
Communication (CLC), Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
(AASTMT). Recent publications include a multiplicity of genres incorporating diverse theories
of pragmatics, stylistics, cognitive linguistics, social semiotics, science journalism, new media,
cultural studies, and digital media literacies.

More than Meets the Eye: A Multimodal Approach to Science-Popularizing Discourse and Representation of the ‘Other’ in a Selection of National Geographic Feature Articles

Abstract National Geographic Magazine (NGM) is an American cultural icon renowned for the dissemination of geographic knowledge, the exhilaration of cultural explorations, the popularization of science discourse, and the cultivation of visual imaginaries. Among popular science magazines, its distinctive force in the popular imagination squarely lies in the manipulation and …

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