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Saeed Abdullah & Mokhtar Elareshi

Dr. Saeed Abdullah is a lecturer in media and communications and head of department at Sirte University, Libya. Abdullah earned his MA in 2004 and was awarded a PhD in 2014 in Media Studies from the University of Leicester. His academic interests focus on media performance during wartime and conflict.

Dr. Mokhtar Elareshi is a Media and Communications lecturer and a former Head of the Department of Media at Azzaytuna University, Libya. He taught at several Libyan universities before moving to the UK to obtain his PhD. Elareshi is the author of the book News Consumption in Libya (Cambridge Scholar, 2013) and has written and reviewed several journal articles in both Arabic and English. His research interests include news consumption, young adults’ habits, new media and satellite TV.

Building Narratives: A Study of Terrorism Framing by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya TV Networks

Using framing theory and content analysis, Saeed Abdullah & Mokhtar Elareshi investigate how Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya TV networks cover terrorism. This paper focuses on how the two networks differ or are similar in covering terrorism and identifies factors that may influence each network’s news selection processes and the framing of terrorism stories. This work represents an initial effort to expand research on terrorism coverage by pan-Arab media.

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