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Tarik Sabry

Tarik Sabry is a senior lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Westminster (UK), where in 2003 he completed his PhD on the topic of media and migration. He has published on symbolic dimensions of migration and on popular culture in Morocco. He is a member of the Communication and Media Research Institute London and editor of a newly launched journal called Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture.

The Day Moroccans Gave Up Couscous for Satellites: Global TV, Structures of Feeling, and Mental Emigration

Couscoussière is French for Cass-Cass, symbol of Moroccan cuisine and, perhaps more, the pride and of joy of millions of Maghribis throughout the Great Maghrib. The Cass-Cass is necessary to cook the "authentic" thrice-steamed Moroccan couscous. It is made of two parts: the lower an oval-shaped pot where meat, sauce and vegetables are …

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