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From the Editors

As the TBS editors spent the summer planning our special coverage of the Arab world, we had no idea that the question we were asking—how Arab news organizations cover the world, who their audiences are, and which organizations are shaping up as key players in regional media—would suddenly take on …

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The Coverage of Communalism, Race, and Religion

The following transcript is from a panel discussion at the News World Asia conference, held May 9 to 11 in Singapore. Many thanks to Sue Phillips, managing director of News World, for granting TBS permission to print these proceedings.The transcript has been edited for clarity. Moderator: Mike Wooldridge, BBC South Asia correspondent …

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Saeed Al-Muntafiq, CEO of Dubai Media City

TBS: In the short time since its launch, how far has Dubai Media City come towards its goal of becoming a regional satellite broadcasting hub? Saeed Al-Muntafiq: We have the largest Middle East, pan-Arab broadcaster, MBC, which has decided to relocate to Dubai Media City from London. We have Middle East Business …

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The Secret of CNE’s Success

CNE (Cable Network Egypt), after a long and troubling trip through the startup tunnel, has now emerged into the proverbial light that beckons those still stuck in there. To fill in that success story and find out where CNE is going now that it is in the financial clear, Senior …

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Peter Einstein CEO, Gulf DTH/Showtime

EPGs, the Internet, MTV Mashaweer, exclusive sports, and more movies than ever...Showtime is bringing a full range of "value added" services and programs to its Middle East subscribers. TBS: The expansion in talent and locations for MTV, meaning the new presenters from Cario and Beirut for the Mashaweer program, should prove …

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Corporatization of the Media

The world's media is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer companies. Is it just paranoia to suggest global media giants are willing to forgo journalistic quality and ethics in exchange for shareholder return? Mass media has always been influenced and controlled by megalomaniacs; will the corporations be …

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An Afternoon with Einstein

Extracts from a discussion held with mass communications students and faculty at the Adham Center for Television Journalism on March 6, 2000, on the occasion of Gulf DTH/Showtime President and CEO Peter Einstein's appointment as an Associate (honorary faculty member) of the Adham Center. Peter Einstein: Egypt and the Middle East …

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VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM : Broadcasting in Latin America

From a discussion conducted online, Feb. 16, 2000, on the state of broadcasting in Latin America. Joseph Straubhaar: One of our questions for discussion today is, has the import of international programming into Latin America affected what's being produced locally? How? Conversely, has local production affected the import of international programming …

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