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Naila Hamdy

Naila Hamdy is a TBS Senior Contributing Editor.

El Mehwar The Mercurial

The possibility of the privatization or de-monopolization of television in Egypt has been much debated as the country makes steady steps towards a market economy. The year 2002 saw a more liberal government policy, enabling private ownership of satellite television stations and thus exhibiting a new tolerance and accommodation of …

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A Dream TV Come True

Hala Sirhan is one of the Arab world's most famous television personalities. Her talk shows on ART (Arab Radio and Television) were among the most popular and controversial. Now she has taken both her popularity and her sense for the controversial to the new Dream TV network, Egypt's first privately owned …

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The European Broadcasting Union: Covering the Globe

The president of Syria dies. The phones start ringing at the European Broadcasting Union's (EBU) headquarters in Geneva. TV producers from around the entire globe are calling to find out if EBU has a satellite transmission operation at the funeral. EBU does. According to EBU Producer Youssef el Alfy, on large …

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