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Participation and National Identity Building through Arab State Electronic Portals: A Comparative Study (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. This study explores the role of Arab government portals in expressing the state’s construction of national identity and enhancing the platforms and tools of e-participation; including e-information, e-consultation, and e-decision making. The study analyzes 22 portals to explore the types of information and participation …

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Attitudes Towards Occupational Safety Among Young Photojournalists: A Survey of Journalists Operating in Gaza (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. Because of the areas many journalists work that have been identified as dangerous physically, professionally, and personally, the subject of journalists' safety has been of great interest in recent years. Within this context, some institutions have established professional safety rules for journalists, but most …

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Youth in Morocco: Rebels without a Cause? Youth Violence, Social Media, and the Discontents of Moroccan Consumer Society

Abstract Recently the Moroccan public had to grapple with what was perceived to be a worrying upsurge in youth crime related to Tsharmil or (cyber) bullying in the Moroccan vernacular. Mainstream media coverage of this issue ushered in an overwhelming sense of panic towards “deviant” youth that pose a serious …

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