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Peer Reviewed Scholarship

The Framing of Water Issues in Opinion Articles of Arab Newspapers An Analytical Study Based on Conflict Theory (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. This study analyzes how a number of Arab newspapers approach water issues and the different perspectives they present about the water crises and water insecurity in the region. The paper examines the extent to which the framing of the topic tends to escalate the issue …

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The Role of Online Journalism in Shaping Knowledge and Attitudes of University Youth Towards Daesh’s Operations in Saudi Arabia: A Field Study (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. The study seeks to identify the role of online journalism in shaping the knowledge and attitudes of Saudi youth towards Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (Daesh) terrorist activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The study used a sample survey method, where a questionnaire …

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Assessments of Controversial Representations of Religion and Religious Symbols as handled in the International Press: A Qualitative Study (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. This study uses qualitative methods to assess the analytical perspectives of the media elite; namely members of the academic and professional communities, as they relate to controversial representations of religion and religious symbols in the international press. Bearing in mind cultural, political, and social analysis, …

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Peace Journalism: Egyptian Online Journalism’s Handling of January 2011 and June 2013 Revolutions (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. This study investigates how Egyptian online journalism handled the events of the January 2011 and June 2013 revolutions in Egypt, evaluating them from the perspective of peace journalism. The analysis was conducted using the following three criteria: The different ways of presenting and covering these …

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Attitudes Toward the Role of Social Networks in Shaping Health Awareness during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Actor-Network Theoretical Study of Egypt (Arabic)

Scroll down for Arabic abstract. Official statistics show that Egyptians, especially the youth, are increasingly using social networks. It is therefore important to examine the role these networks had in shaping the cognitions and attitudes of Egyptians towards the COVID-19 pandemic. The present study uses an interdisciplinary approach, utilizing both …

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COVID-19 Crisis Communication: The Strategic Use of Instagram Messages by the Bahraini Ministry of Health in Light of the Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Model (CERC)

Abstract While social media is being increasingly used for health crisis communication, few studies, especially in the Arab region, have examined how it can improve strategic communication during various phases of any health crisis. The Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) model is one of the frameworks that focus on …

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