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Virtual Brand Communities: Engagement Profiles and Typology

Abstract Within the prevalent digital communication era, users have utilized digital connectivity to form social aggregations and virtual communities (VC) with unique features.  Recently, millions of internet users have joined one or more brand virtual communities to serve their communication, knowledge-seeking, entertainment, and self-fulfillment needs. Virtual communities represent different contexts, …

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The Effect of using Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Presenting News Stories in Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. Abstract This study aims at uncovering the effect of using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques on two levels of virtual reality (360° video and immersive 3D) while presenting news stories in recipients’ immersive experiences. To achieve this goal, a field experiment was designed to collect …

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Gender and Issues of Digital Identity among Arab Women: An Ethnographic Study of a Sample of Facebook Users in Algeria (Arabic)

الجندر ومشكلات الهوية الرقمية للمرأة العربية: دراسة إثنوغرافية على عينة من مستخدمات شبكة الفيسبوك بالجزائر تستهدف الدراسة التعرف على تمثلات الهوية الرقمية للمرأة الجزائرية، وإلى أي مدى توجد تحديات تواجه المرأة أثناء تقديمها لهويتها الرقمية عبر شبكة الفيسبوك، وما حدود العلاقة بين الهوية الرقمية والالتزام الجندري من وجهة نظر المرأة …

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Analyzing Journalist Perceptions of Democracy and State Corruption: The Case of Iraq

Abstract The aim of this paper is to explore Iraqi journalists' perceptions of state corruption and democracy in order to deepen the understanding of the journalist’s role in democratic participation. Survey interviews were conducted ona sample of Iraqi journalists, using the theory of participatory democracy to design the instrument. The …

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The Creative Environment of Scientific Content Production on Social Networking Platforms (Arabic)

Scroll down for the Arabic abstract. Social Networking platforms impose new methods of creating audiovisual content, through the use of new technologies; this has also altered the nature of content production and consumption. Social networking platforms represent an ostensibly free, advanced and low-cost space, allowing the curious user to exercise …

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A Critical Analysis of the Dialectic Science-Religion Relationship in Popular Science Show Discourse

Abstract In light of the advancing digital environment and the interest in boosting scientific content published on digital platforms, this paper seeks to define and critically analyze the discourse of popular science shows (henceforth, “PSS”). Considering the fact that religion serves as a major foundational component in the Arab social …

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