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أزمة مسلمي الروهينجا في خطاب المواقع الإلكترونية الإعلامية الأجنبية دراسة تحليلية

Scroll down for English abstract. في ضوء تنامي دور الإعلام عامة والرقمي خاصة في معالجة وإدارة الأزمات وندرة دراساته، وتعاظم أزمة الروهينجا وإيلامها الضمير الإنساني وتهديدها الاستقرار العالمي، والثقل الإعلامي والحقوقي للمواقع الإلكترونية الإعلامية الأجنبية، تتضح الحاجة إلى موضوع البحث، وهو التعرف على خطاب المواقع الإلكترونية الإعلامية الأجنبية نحو أزمة …

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Roots of Religious Extremism: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Four Faces of Tyranny

One way of getting to the “root causes” of terrorism and religious extremism in the Middle East is to examine the thinking of the mother organization of all groups and movements espousing violence and terrorism. Fortunately, the history of the Muslim Brothers is well researched. The revelations of the organization reflect a great deal of inconsistencies between the general and the specific: public pronouncements and specific documents, theory and practice, English and Arabic.

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Obsessing over Jihadi Otherness: Radicalism’s Evolution and the Failure of the Post-Colonial Arab State

The rise of the Islamic State group (which will be referred to as ISIS), from the perspective of those in the Middle East drawn to it, rather than Europe where the French scholar Olivier Roy has proposed the idea of the “Islamization of radicalism,” can be discussed within the framework of a number of deeper phenomena in Arab societies since the mid-twentieth century.

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Book Review: Arab Cultural Studies: Mapping the Field

Ramy Aly reviews and critiques this volume of articles edited by Tariq Sabry, calling it the most coherent attempt yet to “create a reflexive disciplinary self-consciousness” for the nascent field of Arab cultural studies. The book’s strength, he writes, lies in its “unapologetic diagnosis of the weaknesses” of current Arab media, communication and literary studies and its proposals for a way out of this disciplinary impasse.

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Why the Arab World Needs Community Radio

Daoud Kuttab explores the resistance to community radio in the Arab world despite the opening up of media sectors following the Arab uprisings. He calls on the region’s newly elected leaders to welcome the developmental potential of community-based radio and to create the necessary regulatory framework for radio broadcasting.

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Darfur: Covering the “forgotten” story

There is no issue in Arab journalism today that is more controversial than how the region’s media cover Darfur. It is the hot-button issue in the Arab newsroom not because of the physical danger but because the issue bores right to the heart of the mission of Arab journalism and the self-identity of those who practice it, writes Publisher and Co-Editor Lawrence Pintak.

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