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الأطر الخبرية لتغطية الصحف الإلكترونية العربية لأزمة قطر 2017

Scroll down for English abstract. إن طبيعة العلاقات السياسية بين الدول تؤدي دورًا بارزًا في تحديد اتجاهات التغطية الإخبارية للأحداث والقضايا المختلفة، وتؤثر بدرجة كبيرة في بناء وتشكيل الأطر الخبرية لهذه القضايا، فيتم تأكيد بعض الأطر وتجاهل البعض الآخر، وتزداد قوة وتأثير المواقف والتوجهات السياسية والأيديولوجية للدول فى المضامين الإخبارية …

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Al-Jazeera’s relationship with Qatar before and after Arab Spring: Effective public diplomacy or blatant propaganda?

Abstract Since its foundation in 1996 until the Arab Spring uprisings in 2011, the Qatar-based and funded channel, Al-Jazeera, was considered by many media and politics scholars as a major element of a “pan-Arab public diplomacy” and even a “virtual state.” The main reasons behind Al-Jazeera’s success as an effective …

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COLUMN | Qatar’s Costly Miscalculations

Tensions between Qatar and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council and other Arab countries resurfaced with a vengeance in May 2017. The latest escalation came in response to statements allegedly made by Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in support of Iran as the region's power broker, and …

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Nuqat’s “The Seventh Sense: Powering the Creative Economy”

 Mention art, culture, and creativity and you’ve got Kuwait-based Nuqat’s seventh conference boosting innovation, promoting entrepreneurship, uncovering censorship, and serving as a teaching platform.  This year’s three-day conference entitled “The Seventh Sense: Powering the Creative Economy,” delved into the capacity of the brain to come up with new ideas through discussions …

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Good Neighbors, Fragile Borders

Protect your borders – one critical lesson of the Syrian war that Saudi Arabia is taking close to heart. The Syrian regime proved lethally effective in the art of crushing internal dissent. Its use of informal militias among multiple agencies of security and military, its Arab nationalist propaganda, the projection …

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Alternate Viewpoints: Counter-hegemony in the Transnational Age

Evelyn Thai discusses whether Al Jazeera meets the criteria to qualify as 'alternative media' and finds that the Qatar-based channels are arguably unique. “But as transnational news networks proliferate, a theory that accounts for the alterity of transnational media would contribute greatly to an understanding of how mass media continues to evolve.”

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Financial Crisis in the UAE – A Paralysis of Analysis

The financial crisis in the United Arab Emirates has tested the limits of media freedom in the country, and many of the participants, especially government and the media, have fallen short..Sam Potter describes how the local press in the UAE has handled the financial crisis and wonders how long the practice of self-censorship can continue when alternative sources of information are so readily available

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