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Arab League Satellite Broadcasting Charter

March, 2008: Satellite Charter Special Feature

photo by Kim Badawi.

photo by Kim Badawi.

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Underscoring the objectives of the Common Arab Action outlined in the “The League of Arab States Charter”, the founding document that reflects the collective Arab will,

Emanating from the League of Arab States Council documents and decisions at the summit level, outlining a comprehensive vision for the supreme interests of the Arab world and a common perspective for human development and modernization in all fields,

Reflecting the text and spirit of “The Pledge and Solidarity Document’ and the “Development and Reform Path” statement issued by the League at the summit level in its ordinary 16th session in Tunisia,

Addressing the group of decisions and documents on modernization and development of the Common Arab Action, particularly those issued in Sharm el-Sheikh 2003, Tunisia 2004, Algeria 2005, Khartoum 2006, Riyadh 2007, in addition to those stated by the Council of Arab Ministers of Information, in particular, the Arab media strategy to face challenges of the 21st century; the Arab Media code of ethics; the Framework document for the integration of media and cultural policies in the Arab world and the international related charters, particularly those issued by the World Information Summit,

In pursuance to the accelerating progress of media, its technology, facilities and services and the development of its capacities and potentials, in a bid to balance and develop equity among the different media technologies and functions to able to assume its responsibilities towards social modernization and development under a growing regional and international competitiveness,

Being keen on the sustainable progress of the satellite Arab media in terms of form and content,

Due to the generic development and growing technological progress in the field of media and communication since the very first inception of satellite and transnational broadcasting,

Attempting to provide the largest number possible of programmes and services to maintain the Arab identity and the Islamic culture and values and to highlight the Arab contribution to human civilization,

Maintaining the media message that should be respected and developed by the Arab satellite channels,

Interacting with the rest of the world, being part of it and wanting to promote understanding among different cultures, dialogue and communication among different civilizations, in accordance to the international and Arab related charters and documents,

Wanting to provide the frameworks and principles required for organizing broadcasting and audio visual satellite reception in the Arab world, in congruence with related international developments and approach towards organizing satellite audio visual broadcasting and reception,

The following principles shall be considered a framework for organizing satellite broadcasting in the Arab world:


Arab Satellite Broadcasting Charter (Draft)

Principles for Regulating Satellite Broadcasting Transmission in the Arab World 

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